Who Am I?

Well, still trying to figure that one out. I am a Canadian, Pakistani, Muslim…just living my life, trying to balance the three as best I can. I believe strongly in spreading some GOOD to the world, whether it be through small actions or big ones, just trying to make a difference, one good deed at a time.

I am very passionate about helping newcomer Canadians settle into their new homes and being a strong voice for those that need it the most.

I also team up with my family and the community every year to head up The GOODness Project! Want to get involved? Email me at rabiadin1@gmail.com or check out our GOODness Movement page and get started!

” Heighten yourself to such majesty,

That before every turn of fate,

God himself asks man,

‘Tell me, what is it that you wish’ “

                                                                           ~ Allama Iqbal

2 thoughts on “ABOUT RABIA

    • Rabia Din says:

      Hey Ayesha! Its really easy! Gran some people and head out into your community to deliver acts of GOODness! They dont have to be big…they just have to put smiles on faces! If you want to join one of our good deed adventures connect with me over facebook…there are a lot of fun things to do! Facebook.com/TheGOODnessMovement

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