30 Days of Ramadan GOODness 2016

‘Let your GOOD deeds be like the rain, drop a little everywhere’

I can’t believe that it has already been five years since my family and I started the #30DaysOfRamadanGOODness – along the way we have been blessed to meet so many inspiring and caring people. From little kids taking part in GOOD deeds, to engaged community members planning amazing events and all those on the receiving end…it has been such a wonderful experience.

This year, as we turn five, we hope get even more people involved in delivering GOOD deeds, within their families, neighbourhoods and communities around the world.

Join us as we set out to deliver 30 GOOD deeds in 30 days…are you up to the challenge?

Day 1:  Mason jars filled with yumminess!PicsArt_06-06-07.31.57

We started off our 5th year of Ramadan GOODness as we have in the past – mason jars filled with delicious dates for our friends, family and even random strangers on the street! The kids worked hard on filling the jars and making them extra special for their first GOOD deed. Spreading some bottled yumminess all around!

1e70bfbd-2dd9-44e4-8a6b-879fdea2bcd3 Day 2: Bikes for the Syrian Community
As everyone knows, Canada has done an amazing job welcoming the Syrian community into their new country. With so many generous people helping with the immediate needs – we asked the community how else we could help? Many of the kids shared that they really wish they still had their bikes – and of course, we saw that as an amazing opportunity to spread some GOOD! For Day 2, we are collecting gently used bikes and helmets to be delivered to some our friends in the Syrian community. If you would like to donate your bike – for any age group – please PM me!
Spreading some GOODness and keeping fit at the same time!
Day 3: Donations for our local food bank
We recently learned that approximately 15% of Mississauga residents an
d 20% of Mississauga children live in poverty – that’s a very scary statistic about people living in our very own communities. So for Day 3 we decided to make a list of all the food items we thought the food bank could benefit from, picked them up from our local grocery store and dropped them off at a Mississauga Food Bank location – spreading some serious GOODness to the less fortunate living in our own community!
Day 4: Planting trees with #OneMillionTrees Mississauga 
Today we gathered some of
our amazing GOODness peeps and teamed up with the City Of Mississauga. We had a group of 17 people (so many awesome kids) and planted 75 trees! We worked hard and had a blast doing it! Thanks to all the people that helped out – we spread some serious green GOODness today
Day 5: Cakes For Somalia
We love to support local initiatives spreading some serious GOODness, especially the ones centred around yummy food! For today’s GOOD deed we decided to take part in the Cakes FoScreen Shot 2016-06-10 at 4.53.35 PM
r Somalia campaign through Islamic Relief Canada. We were able to purchase boxes of yummy cupcakes and have them delivered to friends, family and even some for the homeless. The money raised will be used for development projects in Somalia – TWO GOOD Deeds in one! Spreading some much needed GOODness in Somalia, while sending some yummy treats to those in our own community! Check out the link below and support his amazing initiative!
                                                                                           Day 6: Spiritual GOODness
51b8aaff-82ea-4479-aeee-967f971dcff9Tasbihs (Prayer beads) have always been very important us. We all have our favourite ones and many carry them with us at all times. For today’s GOOD deed we decided to distribute beautiful wooden Tasbihs to the people all around us. We will also be distributing them at an iftar dinner and mosque later tonight, Spreading some spiritual GOODness to the heart and the soul!
‘Remember me, and I will remember you.’ – Surah Al-Baqarah (Quran)
Day 7: Necessity packs for a shelter
There are so many people that are in and out of homeless shelters all over the city. For Day 7 we got a bunch of the kids together and assembled bags filled with everyday n
ecessities to be dropped off an a temporary shelter location. Hoping to spread a little GOODness to those that need it the most!
Day 8: Surprise for a13450907_1100991623279761_449449168503166689_nn amazing Mama
We all know how tough it can be juggling our everyday lives – from family to work and everything in between, we
usually end up thinking about ourselves last. For today’s GOOD deed the kids decided to surprise an amazing mamma of 3 with a day of babysitting! We will go over and watch her kids while she gets herself pampered – spreading some self care GOODness to a hard working mamma!
Day 9: The gift of Water
Water statistics are truly shocking: nearly 800 million people have no access to clean water, while a woman in Africa walks an average of 6km a day to fetch clean water. For today’s GOOD deed the kids decided to research one of the places that water was needed the most, and made a donation towards building a water well. Spreading some GOODness through the gift of water.






13466437_1102029689842621_4723444077036773871_nDay 10: Gratefulness Jars with some amazing kids!

We can’t believe that its already the 10th day of GOODness, the days seem to be flying by! For today’s GOOD deed we took over an amazing Grade 3 class at Olive Grove School. Each student was able to create their own unique ‘Gratefulness Jar’! The students will take the jars home and everyday will write down one thing that they are grateful for – and put it into the jar. This is also great for days when a student is feeling down – they can open up the jar and remember all the things that they have to be grateful for! Spreading some GOODness with an inspirational group of kids!




Day 11: Milk Bag GOODness 

Today we decided to support an innovative idea that is making a huge difference inmilk-bags countries all over the world – Its called ‘MILK BAGS Unlimited’ – and they collect used milk bags and weave them into adult size mats! The milk bag mats offer people without beds, a durable and washable alternative to sleeping on the cold and damp ground. Not only can these milk-bag mats provide comfort as a bedding alternative, but have been used by health-care professionals as a substitute for an operating table where resources are scarce…HOW AMAZING, right? Collecting Milk bags and spreading some international GOODness!


Day 12:  Honouring those that have passed

cemetaryToday’s GOODness was a very special experience. We grabbed the family, arms full of flowers and filled with duas – we head out to the Meadowvale Cemetery. It was such a humbling experience, remembering all of our family members that were taken to soon and honouring those in the cemetery that we never had an opportunity to meet. Spreading some GOODness, in the most humbling way possible.




Day 13: Supporting an amazing grassroots initiativepak-charity

Today we decided to support an initiative very close to our hearts started by Imran Chaudhary – 100% of all donations collected go directly to providing staple food items, such as rice, flour and cooking oil, for people in inner-city Lahore (Pakistan). The money raised will go towards providing meals for 20 families a month! If you are interested in donating to this amazing cause, one that gets directly to the people, please message me and I will get you the details…spreading some serious GOODness to those that need it the most!


Day 14 – Some off ramrampsp GOODness

My family and I, like most families living around us, spend a lot of our time driving – especially on the highways. On many of our usual exits, we often see one or two people standing on the corner of the off ramp holding a sign and asking for change. For today’s GOODness we will drive around the highways, exiting at different ramps and surprising some of these people with a nutritious lunch and Tim Hortons gift cards to eat something a little later.
Spreading some nutritious GOODness on off ramps across the city!


Day 15 – Share Ramadanshare-ramadan

Today’s GOOD deed is a day long one – and filled with so muc
h excitement. Today a few of our work colleagues decided to join us and fast for the entire day as a part of the #ShareRamadan Initiative. They had the morning suhoor, will fast all day, and practice patience, forgiveness and positivity. In the evening we will all break our fasts together, as a family. Bringing people together and sharing our experiences – one fast at a


Day 16: Letters to Pletterseru

For today’s GOOD deed we decided to spread some GOOD to beautiful Peru! We spent the morning with a great group of Grade 5 students at Olive Grove School and asked them to write letters to another grade 5 class in a small rural area of Peru. The kids had a great time imagining what life in rural Peru would be like and then describing themselves and their communities – in creative letters (nothing beats a hand written letter). The letters will be taken to the school in Peru by a friend of ours and fingers crossed that the kids will get letters in return!
Spreading some GOODness to the kids in Peru – the old fashioned way!


Day 17: Pop can tabs for GOODpop-taps

For today’s GOOD deed we decided to support March of Dimes and their Pop Can Tab Collection Program. Tabs that we have collected, will be recycled and used to generate revenue that will benefit their Assistive Devices Program that helps buy, repair and maintain a wide variety of mobility or assistive equipment (including wheelchairs) – this is a year round initiative for March Of Dimes and is most effective when collected in large quantities – so start collecting today and spread some GOODness by recycling and helping others at the same time!


drive-thruDay 18: Drive thru surprise

For today, we did one of our all time favourite GOOD deeds, one that we often do throughout the year. We went through the drive thru line at Tim Hortons and payed for the cars behind us – spreading some surprise GOODness to unsuspecting drive thru customers at our favourite joint!



Day 19: Clothes, Clothes and more Clothes!clothes

Like many families, our family often buys too many clothes – some even sit in the closet with tags on them for years. For today’s GOOD deed we decided to grab all that extra clothing and donate it to ‘Haven On the Queensway’ – an amazing charity collecting clothing for those in need. We were able to gather so many great items! Special thanks to Serena Paul for dropping off 6 big bags to add to our donation!



Day 20: Mmarathonarathon for Mental Health

Today’s GOOD deed was very tiring, but a rewarding adventure. We participated in an amazing international initiative called Fasting 5K – where people in various different cities take part in a 5km marathon while fasting. We all took part and had a blast! All proceeds from money raised will go towards Nexus – an agency working towards better mental health for youth! We made it and had a blast doing it!



Day 21: Community Clean Collaborationgarbage

Today’s GOOD deed was another fun yet tiring one! Today we teamed up with the amazing Muslim Moms in Durham Region and head out in the beautiful sunshine to clean up the Ajax Rotary Park. We had a great time and finished off the hot afternoon with lots of bags filled with garbage. Thanks so much to Anisa, Kubra and Amber for an amazing collaboration, and to all the Durham moms (and kiddies) that participated! Spreading some GREEN GOODness in a community park!


Day 22: Annual Toy Drive

For today’s GOOD deed, we did our annual Toy Drive for The Sick Kids Hospital – all donated toystoys will go into a ‘Treasure Box’ at the Hospital and every time a child has a surgical procedure they get to choose a gift from the Treasure Box! Like last year, we were extremely fortunate to be able to team up with a Toy Drive that the Muslim Youth Re
creation Centre (MYRec Centre) was organizing. They were able to collect hundreds of toys for a variety of different causes, and donated over 60 amazing toys to The GOODness Movement for our collection! Spreading some serious GOODness and big smiles to kids that really need it! 


Day 23: Coin Banks for GOOD

Throughout the year the kids collect coins – from change given, found around the house or from family members. They put the coins in a collective coin jar coins
and every Ramadan chose an initiative that they would like to donate to. For this year they decided to support a community agency doing some amazing work in Chicago. For the last five years, The HEART Women & Girls Project has been working hard to promote health education and violence awareness in Muslim communities in a way that is free of blame and shame, empowering, and honours the faith and cultural values of Survivors. Check out their page and the amazing work that they do!



Day 24: Vsevaolunteering with the SEVA Food Bank

Today’s GOOD deed was yet another fun filled experience! Today we decided to spend our evening volunteering with SEVA Food Bank – a local initiative that is doing so much great work to end hunger in Mississauga! We were able to sort, shelve and ration various food items. The staff was so welcoming and the entire experience quite humbling – we even got to graffiti the wall with our signatures! Spreading some GOODness while doing our little part in fighting hunger!

Day 25: Smiling with SMILE Canada
For todays GOOD deed we decided to spread some love and support children, and their families, living with disabilities and/or critical illnesses. SMILE Canada is an inspirational non profit that is mandated to develop community based awareness of the limitations faced by children with disabilities and critical illness. For today’s GOOD deed, a bunch of our GOODness peeps put together money to purchase gift cards for all the children attending the SMILE Eid celebration next week! Spreading some smiles with SMILE Canada!
Day 26: Candies, chocolates and treats…oh my!
For today’s GOOD deed, one of the smallest members of our GOODness family head out into the streets to distribute yummy GOODies to friends and neighbours. People were all laughs and grateful for the surprise! Creating smiles and friends, one GOOD deed at a time!




Day 27: Some GOODness for our feathered friends!
For today’s GOOD deed we decided spread some love tobirds our wonderful feathered friends. We grabbed a bunch of bird houses, filled them with bird feed and hung them on various trees around a community park – hoping to spread some GOO
Dness to our animal friends, while beautifying our community!

This is a really fun and easy way to do a GOOD deed with your family – so if your looking for something to do in the beautiful weather this weekend…this is it! Spread some GOOD!

“There is not an animal on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings, but they are communities like you.” (Qur’an 6:38)


Day 28: Sprhopeeading some HOPE
We live in a world faced with catastrophic issues, such as extreme poverty, disease, starvation, human trafficking, and the exploitation of child soldiers. At the core of those issues is one common link—the Orphan. Currently, there are over 150 million orphans in the world . . . abandoned, neglected, and vulnerable. For todays GOOD deed the kids decided to sponsor a group of orphans through Children of Hope. Hoping to spread some GOODness and love to little hearts in need!



Day 29: shopping cart GOODNESS
How many times have you gone to the grocery store to grab some stuff and realize that you don’t have a quarter for the shopping cart?! And end up having to balance arms full of groceries, because really, who carries quarters these days? That happens to us all the time! So for today’s GOOD deed, we decided to take over the entire shopping cart tent – pre-filling each cart with a quarter for the next shopper! Spreading some GOODNESS to stranded shoppers!


Day 30: Secretwalmart LOVE Bomb
My family, like many others, has a fear of public washrooms. Half because, well ew, and the other half just because public washrooms are so sad looking. For today’s GOOD deed we went all super spy and LOVE BOMBED a Walmart Washroom. We snuck in with our motivational decor, candles and scented soaps – we were super speedy spy mode…almost got busted, but had a great time! Spreading some love in the most unexpected places!

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