30 Days of Ramadan GOODness – 2015

Before you read all about our 30 Days of Ramadan GOODness 2015 – Take a look at our video with highlights from each day!



It’s that time again! Get ready to gather your family and friends, to spread some serious SMILES all over!

Doing GOOD is an idea that many of us hold deeply within us. We all want to go out and spread some happiness – but sometimes just can’t seem to find the time. That’s why for the last four  years, my family and I have started a GOODness Campaign called ’30 Days of Ramadan GOODness’. During the month of Ramadan we intentionally set out to achieve one GOOD deed every single day, some big and some small – donate some money, lend a helping hand, help the environment, or even just a smile – we have found that there are so many ways to spread GOODness all around us…and the feeling is contagious. Soon you’ll find that the people around you will also start to spread GOODness of their own. Performing GOOD deeds not only makes an impact on the people that are on the receiving end, but we too are changed and grow with every GOOD deed we complete. Take the challenge with us this year and spread ’30 Days of Ramadan GOODness’ throughout your family, friends and community…are you up for the challenge?

We recently found that by sharing our deeds, we were able to encourage other families from all over to take part in spreading some GOODness, which made the impact even bigger. If you are interested in getting involved, check us out on Facebook and help make this world a better place, on deed at a time!

Day 1: Date jar yumminess!  PicsArt_1434643870111

Like previous years, we decided to start of our GOODness on a sweet note and decided to put together beautiful little mason jars filled with delicious dates and figs. The kids always enjoy this one – and this year were able to give some out in their school, to family, and to our surrounding community.  Spreading some yummy GOODness…one jar at a time!




Day 2: Grade two bird house FUN!

Today’s GOODness was filled with creative little minds and big smiling faces! We went into my daughter’s grade 2 class and decorated beautiful little birdhouses. We talked about the importance of showing compassion to God’s tiniest creatures and beautifying our neighbourhoods at the same time. The kids came out with bright colourful birdhouses, and had an amazing time spreading some GOODness to our tiny little feathered friends!



Day 3: Honouring our Firefighters 

Today we decided to honour our brave firefighters and surprised the local Fire Department with Tim Hortons (obviously)! The kids had a blast…they were able to play with the sirens and try on uniforms! They even got to keep some awesome fire helmets and a cute little stuffed dalmation!! Spreading some GOODness to our community heros and haveing a blast while doing it!

PicsArt_1434922859395Day 4: Collecting food for those in need
We often volunteer at The Mississauga Food bank to help sort food donations. Last week we called and they said that they didn’t need volunteers because food donations were at a low. So for Day 4 of GOODness we decided to help out by collecting non perishable food items for those in need. We drove around the city picking up the donations from family and friends and were able to gather so much…spreading some much needed GOODness to those in need!
10987325_911142038931388_2971848819175966005_nDay 5: A surprise for the mailman
Our community mailman is really great – he works really hard and is rarely ever seen or appreciated. That’s why for Day 5 of Ramadan GOODness we decided to surprise him with a Gift Card and personal note. The kids put it all together and left it in our mail box for him to find in the morning….spreading  some smiles one mail box at a time!
 twins-and-parents.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxDay 6: Sending some GOODness to baby twins in need 
We were moved by this article that we found in The Toronto Star. This couple needs help to purchase special baby formula for their newborn twins that their insurance won’t cover. We decided to surprise them with a case of formula in attempts to send some GOODness their way! If you would like to support this family, please PM us for more details!
PicsArt_1435190428720Day 7: Laundromat surprise! 
Today we decided to spread some GOODness cheer in our local laundromat! We quietly walked around the aisles filling up a bunch of empty machines with money. At first the employee thought we were crazy, but was so excited when we explained what we were doing…she said she was going to tell everybody who used the machines that they had to spread some GOODness of their own! Spreading some Ramadan GOODness in the laundromat!
PicsArt_1435278866558Day 8: Milk Bag GOODness
Today we decided to support an innovative idea that is making a huge difference in countries all over the world – Its called ‘MILK BAGS Unlimited’ – and they collect used milk bags and weave them into adult size mats! The milk bag mats offer people without beds, a durable and washable alternative to sleeping on the cold and damp ground. Not only can these milk-bag mats provide comfort as a bedding alternative, but have been used by health-care professionals as a substitute for an operating table where resources are scarce…HOW AMAZING, right? Collecting Milk bags and spreading some international GOODness!
PicsArt_1435360334798Day 9: A family at loss 
Someone recently reached out for a friend of hers that had lost everything in a fire. She is a single mother of two, and really struggling with everything to get by. We asked the friend what things were needed urgently and she shared the need for all toiletry type items. We grabbed some stuff to help out a little, in hopes to spread some GOODness to a family in need.
PicsArt_1435433262008Day 10: Some dry GOODness on a rainy day! 
Today was a super wet, cold and rainy day- with lots of people caught outside unprepared for the weather. So for todays GOOD deed we decided to buy a bunch of umbrellas and leave them in a basket at a busy bus stop. That way people could jump of the bus and grab an umbrella to avoid getting wet…spreading some dry GOODness on a wet and rainy day!
Day 11Day 11: Inspirational GOODness at the library 
Today we decided to spread some inspirational GOODness at the local library. The kids put together inspirational quote cards and hid them in books all over the library – hoping to spread some smiles to unexpecting readers of all ages!
PicsArt_1435613839469Day 12: Care packs for the homeless
Today we decided to spread some GOODness to the most needy in our community. We put together care packs for the homeless and gave them to a local shelter to distribute to those that needed them the most. The packages included many important toiletry items and water bottles.
Thank you to Aysha Ali and Tazeen Khan for helping fund todays GOOD deed and our amazing community dentist, ‘Heartlake Dentistry’, who donated a huge supply of toothpaste, brushes and floss for all the care packages. Spreading some much needed GOODness…to our community’s most vulnerable!
PicsArt_1435686481996Day 13: Abu Dhabi GOODness
Some friends from Abu Dhabi recently connected with us about an opportunity to provide Iftar meals for hard working labourers that need a lot of support. These friends had already been providing such meals throughout Ramadan and it was our pleasure to be able to help! Supporting The GOODness Movement overseas and spreading some GOODness to those in need!
Day 14: Canada Day Drive thru surprise 
In honour of Canada Day we spent the day driving around rural backroads and countrysides – soaking up some Canadian beauty! For today’s GOOD deed we decided to stop off at one of the gas stations in this area and secretly pay for someones gas standing behind us…I’m sure he must have been thrilled, who doesn’t want some free gas?!? Spreading some Ramadan GOODness in rural town Canada!
Day 15: Community CLEAN UP
Its half way through through the month of Ramadan and we have been really busy! Today we decided to pull together some of our GOODness army and hit the streets to do a community clean up! It was hot and long but the kids had a blast – even the smallest little members of the GOODness army took part! Spreading some GOODness and cleaning up our community at the same time!
FullSizeRender Day 16: The Gift of Water 
This is said to be one of the hottest summers on record around the world – and many people are suffering without any any access to clean drinking water. For today’s GOODness the kids spent some time on the web researching different options to give the gift of WATER. They decided on funding a WATER WELL in a village in Pakistan! This way people would have access to clean water all year round! We used IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation) as our charity – A very special thanks to Aysha Ali and Shamim Khan for funding the well with us! Spreading some GOODness through the basic necessity of water!
PicsArt_1436053411718Day 17: Toy Drive for SICK KIDS Hospital
Today was our annual Toy Drive for The Sick Kids Hospital, an initiative started by Huma Khawja – all donated toys will go into a ‘Treasure Box’ at the Hospital and every time a child has a surgical procedure they get to choose a gift from the Treasure Box! This year we were extremely fortunate to be able to team up with a Toy Drive that the Muslim Youth Recreation Centre (MYRec Centre) was organizing. They were able to collect hundreds of toys for a variety of different causes, and donated over 150 amazing toys to The GOODness Movement for our collection! Spreading some serious GOODness and big smiles to kids that really need it!   
PicsArt_1436112179171Day 18: ‘SAMMICH-es’ for the homeless 
For today’s GOOD deed we had the opportunity to volunteer with an amazing initiative called ‘ Ramadan Sammich ‘ – every Sunday during Ramadan a big group of volunteers get together and assemble hundreds of sandwiches/lunch bags to be distributed in shelters across the city. The kids we on bag assembly duty, putting together the contents of the lunch bags – they had a great time! What an amazing experience – spreading some GOODness and volunteering with a great grass roots initiative!
PicsArt_1436221000092Day 19: Peace through Prayers beads
Prayers beads (Tasbihs) play a big role in many religions, they bring peace of mind and remembrance of a higher power. For today’s GOOD deed we decided to distribute beautiful and colourful Tasbihs at the Masjid – in hopes that they will bring peace to the hearts of all that use them! “Remember me, and I shall remember you.” ~ Surah Bakarah | Verse 152
PicsArt_1436303772646Day 20: Bottled yumminess for Burma 
GrandPa Khawja is really well known for his amazing (and secret) Mint Chutney recipe…for today’s GOOD deed we decided to bottle up this spicy yumminess for a good cause! We will be selling each bottle for $5 and all proceeds will go towards helping the relief efforts in Burma – a cause chosen by the kids! Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing a bottle and supporting a great cause!
PicsArt_1436396759157Day 21: Surprising someone dealing with a loss 
Someone very close to us recently lost her husband – today would have been their 42 year wedding anniversary. To honour them and maybe add a little bit of GOODness into her life, we surprised her with a beautiful plant picked by the kids…in hopes that it would bring some peace during this difficult time!
PicsArt_1436470543150Day 22: Popsicles at the PARK
Today we decided to spread some summer cheer at the local park – we picked up a few boxes of yummy popsicles and gave them out to all the kids running wild in the sun! The kids loved them…and the moms loved them even more! Spreading some yummy summer GOODness to the kids in our neighbourhood!
PicsArt_1436586595215Day 23: Donating Toys for The Welfare Centre 
For today’s GOODness we participated in a local Eid Toy Drive held at Olive Grove School – each kid brought in a new toy and was taken through different stations to wrap the gifts and create personalized cards! All toys will be given to the Muslim Welfare Centre and will be distributed to children in need…spreading some GOODness one toy at a time!!
PicsArt_1436653568015Day 24: Basketballs for youth 
Sports play a very important role for youth- it helps them develop strong relationships, is great for physical activity and keeps them out of trouble! For todays GOOD deed we decided to surprise the Islamic Community Centre of Milton with some basketballs for their basketball courts – they have had the courts for a while but were lacking the additional equipment. Spreading some GOODness and giving youth an opportunity to build bonds!

One thought on “30 Days of Ramadan GOODness – 2015

  1. Wendy Smith says:

    Hi, Rabia! You and your family are so wonderful for all the GOODness you spread to everyone! 🙂 I would love to purchase some jars of your Mint Chutney if you still have any left. I hope that you and your family had a very blessed Ramadan.

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