30 Days of Ramadan GOODness – 2014

Doing GOOD is an idea that many of us hold deeply within us. We all want to go out and spread some happiness – but sometimes just can’t seem to find the time. That’s why for the last couple of years, my family and I have started a GOODness Campaign called ’30 Days of Ramadan GOODness’. During the month of Ramadan we intentionally set out to achieve one GOOD deed every single day, some big and some small – donate some money, lend a helping hand, help the environment, or even just a smile – we have found that there are so many ways to spread GOODness all around us…and the feeling is contagious. Soon you’ll find that the people around you will also start to spread GOODness of their own. Performing GOOD deeds not only makes an impact on the people that are on the receiving end, but we too are changed and grow with every GOOD deed we complete. Take the challenge with us this year and spread ’30 Days of Ramadan GOODness’ throughout your family, friends and community…are you up for the challenge?

Day 1: Dates, nuts and love…oh my!

For the first day of Ramadan GOODness we decided to put together beautiful little mason jars packed with nut filled dates. The kids had a great time putting the jars together and were thrilled with the idea of people thinking about them while opening their fast in the evening. We distributed the jars to family, friends and even some neighbours…spreading some yummy GOODness one jar at a time!   PicsArt_1404081913605

Day 2: Its raining QUARTERS

Have you ever gotten to the grocery store and realized that you don’t have a quarter for the shopping cart? I have, many, many times. And then I am left with two options, either the kids and I end up balancing groceries on our arms up and down the aisles, or we have to walk around trying to get change…both end up being equally embarrassing. So for Day 2 of Ramadan GOODness the kids thought that it would be great idea to fill all the shopping cart slots with quarters so people would get a nice little surprise when their about start their grocery shopping…spreading some GOODness one shopping cart at a time. PicsArt_1404156637102

Day 3: Timmies on us

Wouldn’t you love to pull up to a drive thru window and have them tell you to put your money away, the order has already been paid for? I would! So in honour of Canada Day we went to Canada’s favourite coffee joint, Tim Hortons, and paid for the orders of the three cars behind us. Then we hid around the corner to see some of the reactions. Kids had a blast – Spreading some Canadian GOODness…one coffee at a time! drivethru

Day 4: A rainy day surprise

Have you ever gotten stuck in an sudden rainfall, the kind that comes out of nowhere and takes you by surprise? Well that happened today. It started pouring and people on the street were running about trying to get some shelter. So we decided to quickly get a bunch of umbrellas and hand them out to people rushing about on the street. They are so happy they almost hugged us…an then remembered that they were too wet! So for Day 4 we spread some dry GOODness…one umbrella at a time! umbrellas

Day 5: Spreading some GOODness to a little guy in need

Everyone that is a parent, or is even close to a child in any way, will share how difficult it is to see your child suffer or fall ill. For Day 5 of Ramadan GOODness the kids decided to help out a sweet little boy by the name of Gabriel. Gabriel Ze’ev (Wolf) Benun was born on October 11, 2011. He was diagnosed with Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Ever since then his inspirational family has been in and out of the hospital, while keeping an amazing attitude throughout! The kids have a collection jar where they have been collecting money all year from various events, birthdays and allowances. They have decided to donate this money to little Gabriel and encourage all of you to do the same. Check out more about Gabriel’s inspiring story and help out as much as you can!


Day 6: What parking ticket? 

You know that feeling that you get when you are walking towards your car after a long day and see that bright yellow piece of paper blowing on your windshield. You get a sudden burst of anger and then regret…and then vow never to park in that place ever again. It happens to me often, too often actually. So for Day 6 of Ramadan GOODness the kids decided that it would be great to surprise someone and pay for their parking ticket. We found a car with that scary little yellow piece of paper and stuck an envelope filled with money behind it. Spreading some parking ticket GOODness…on vehicle at a time!


Day 7: Cleaning up the neighbourhood

My family and I believe strongly in taking care of the environment, and always try to clean up after ourselves as much as possible. This world was given to pure and clean and we should try tour best to leave it as beautiful as possible for our following generations. That is why for Day 7 of Ramadan GOODness we head out into the community, armed with garbage bags and a smile cleaning up the streets and spreading some GOODness at the same time!


Day 8: A surprise for the mailman

Our mailman in really terrific. Whether it be freezing cold temperatures or blistering heat, he always gets us our mail on time. He even drops by occasionally just to say ‘Hello’ – an all round sweet guy. So for Day 8 of Ramadan GOODness, the kids decided to surprise he mailman with a little gift hidden in our mailbox. Spreading some GOODness…on mailbox at a time!


Day 9: Some hidden inspiration

Have you ever had one of those days when everything just seems to be going wrong – you feel down and tired, needing a little a boost. wouldn’t it be great to hear some kind words, something to lift you right up! For Day 9 of Ramadan GOODness the kids decided to write inspirational little notes and leave them all over the neighbourhood. They left them on cars, random corners and even at the YMCA. Cheering people up and spreading some inspirational GOODness!


Day 10: A basket and a smile for someone who really needs it 

Recently a co-worker and good friend of mine lost her father, someone she cherished and misses dearly. For Day 10 of Ramadan GOODness the kids decided that they wanted to make her a ‘cheer you up – care basket’ and filled it with relaxing teas, candles, yummy chocolates, a warm shawl and so much more! They hoped that the basket would bring a smile to her face and some comfort in her heart.

PicsArt_1404849071452 (1)

Day 11: Surprising someone at the gas pump 

Isn’t gas so expensive these days? Makes you wanna cry every time you go to the pump! Thats why for Day 11 of Ramadan GOODness the kids decided to surprise a stranger by paying for their gas! We secretly paid at the register while she stood behind us in line and then watched from our car as she walked out smiling and reading our GOODness card to someone on the phone…GOODness mission accomplished!


Day 12: Vending machine surprise 

It seems as though every time my family goes out, the kids suddenly get thirsty and MUST have a drink from the vending machine immediately. The only problem is, I never have any change on me! We thought that this might be the problem for many people, so for Day 12 of Ramadan GOODness the kids decided to tape baggies of change to vending machines, spreading some thirst quenching GOODness to the community.

vending machine

Day 13:  Prayer bead GOODness 

Prayer beads (Tasbeehs) play a very important role in my family’s life. They remind us to remember God in the hard times and thank him in the good times. Sometimes, even just holding my tasbeeh tight has an instant calming effect. So for Day 13 we decided to wrap up beautiful tasbeehs and distribute them to friends…spreading some calming GOODness!


Day 14: Bookmarks of inspiration 

My kids love to read and going to the library is always a fun trip for them! For Day 14 the kids decided to spread some GOODness at the library by hand making inspirational bookmarks and hiding them in books all over the library…hoping to bring a smile to an unsuspecting reader!


Day 15: Cupcakes for our family and neighbours

Ramadan is at the halfway mark and we have been busy spreading some serious GOODness! We have terrific neighbours and family that live close by, so for Day 15 we were busy in the kitchen baking cupcakes for everyone and spreading some yummy GOODness.


Day 16: Honouring our firefighters 

Firefighters put their life on the line everyday to make sure that we are safe and don’t always get the credit that they deserve! So for Day 16 of Ramadan GOODness we surpised our local Fire Dept with yummy TimHortons treats and they were awesome. They let us sit in the truck, play with the water hose and answered all of our questions…what a blast!


Day 17: Some ice cold GOODness

Today was a super sunny warm day, the kinda day where the park is packed with laughing, playing kids. The funny thing about kids is that they just keep going, no matter how hot it is or hard they sweat!  So for Day 17 of GOODness, the kids decided to spread some ice cold goodness and give out popsicles at the park.


Day 18: Volunteering at a Food Bank 

We often think of hunger as a problem that is far away from where we live, but the reality is that there are so many people all around us that don’t have access to food. So for Day 18 of Ramadan GOODness we decided to spend the evening volunteering at the foodbank and we had a blast…kids said that this was their favourite day of GOODness so far! We are super tired, but smiles all around!


Day 19: The gift of Water 

Fasting has not been too difficult this year, but one thing that has been tough, is not beeing able to drink water in the heat. So for Day 19 of GOODness the kids decided to use some of the money they have saved, to supply water for two kids for an entire year through water.org! Spreading some thirst quenching GOODness! http://www.water.org

Day 20: a scented surprise 

Sometimes it seems as though your day just isn’t going right. You feel kinda down and just need a need any reason to smile. So for today’s GOODness we decided to hand out lots of beautiful single roses to complete strangers! The reaction was so amazing and the kids felt so happy and proud with every rose they gave out…we even surprised a few bikers who couldn’t stop smiling! Success!


Day 21: Green GOODness with tree planting 

It seems as though the more we learn about the harmful changes in the environment and desperate state the the earth is moving towards, the less people are  paying attention to their roles and impact on the problem. For Day 21 of GOODness we grabbed 15 trees, shovels, soil and a bunch of enthusiastic kids and spent the afternoon planting trees and spreading some ‘Green’ environmental GOODness!


Day 22: Minty GOODness for charity 

The Khawja Kitchen’s homemade mint chutney is pretty famous in the GTA and we are always distributing it widely. So for Day 22 of GOODness the kids decided to bottle up the minty GOODness and sell it for a good cause. Each bottle is $5 and all proceeds will go to Project Ramadan, a non profit supplying healthy food to those in need! Spreading some minty GOODness and helping provide healthy food to those that need it most! 


Day 23: Freezer surprise 

For today’s GOODness we teamed up with the variety store owner to deliver a sneaky surprise. We purchased a bunch of water bottles and pop cans, put the reciept and one of our GOODness cards on each one and then hid them back in the store freezer! That way whenever someone would open the freezer to buy a drink, they would find that one was already paid and ready for them…spreading some thirst quenching GOODness!


Day 24:  “Be a light to the world”

You know that tired feeling you have when you leave your house in the morning? Now imagine opening your door to an early morning surprise that lights you right up! So for Day 24 of GOODness we made pretty little candle packages with an inspirational message, waited until dark and then left them at random doorsteps around the neighbourhood…spreading some light filled GOODness!


Day 25: Kids write letters for some international GOODness

Today’s GOODness was one filled with kiddie creativity and heart. We spoke to a group of youth and kids about children around the world living countries affected by conflict, and what they would say to them to make them smile or let them know that we were thinking about them all the way over here. The kids then made pictures, created cards and wrote letters to be distributed to these kids. The letters will be dropped off by hand by a relief agency, to kids living in war torn countries…spreading some international GOODness accross the world!


Day 26: Honouring volunteers 

Ramadan is a very busy time everywhere, but it is especially busy for Masjids! Our Masjid has a lot of dedicated volunteers that give their time and energy to keeping the masjid clean and organized every night, and rarely get even a Thank You…so for Day 26 of GOODness, the kids decided to surprise some volunteers with a sweet card and special little gift!


Day 27: Toys for Sick Kids Hospital 

Everyone in some way or the other, has been connected to the Sick Kids Hospital… and although its a scary place, the hospital does a great job of making the space warm and comforting. For Day 27 we teamed up with Huma Khawja to make some of the kids hospital stay just a little bit nicer and held a toy drive! We were able to collect SO MANY awesome toys and giftcards, im sure the kids at the hospital will be so excited…spreading some fun GOODness to kids that really need it! A big THANK YOU to all our GOODness peeps that donated, you guys rock!


Day 28: A united GOODness for an important cause 

There are SO MANY injustices going on in the world today, and sitting half way across the world sometimes makes us feel helpless. For Day 28 of GOODness we grabbed the family and some friends and head out to a rally in support of Palestine at Queens Park. We chanted, marched and stood united with thousands of people from all backgrounds and religions. The kids learned a lot and felt good to help in any little way that they could. They also made lots of Palestine bracelets and distributed them to adults and kids at the rally. Spreading some human GOODness and justice, with thousands who care! “From the river, to the sea, Palestine will be free!”



Day 29: Some GOOdness for a Women’s Shelter 

For today’s GOODness we decided to focus on the women and children close to home that are victims of abuse and neglect . We have been collecting money and items all month for the Muslim Welfare Centre’s Women’s Shelter/Home in Whitby. With so many peoples generous support we were able purchase and drop off supplies and gifts that are surely to brighten up their spirits. Thank you to the Fancy’s Team for partnering up with us for this GOOD deed and to EVERYONE that contributed…you guys are awesome!



And with that comes to end another exciting ’30 Days of Ramadan GOODness’ (In case you’re wondering, Ramadan was only 29 days this year). This was the most enjoyable one so far and both the kids, and us adults learned so much about our community and ourselves. We set out to spread a couple of smiles, and as a result kept ourselves smiling and beaming with positivity all month long. This year was especially exciting for us because we able to involve so many of our family and friends and spread some serious GOODness all across the city. The impact that this has had on my family has been greater this year than ever before, and as a result we have decided to continue spreading the GOODness and have challenged ourselves to implement one random act of kindness, big or small, every week going forward. We want to get as many people involved as possible and spread some serious GOODness all year round, Are you up to the challenge?

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