30 Days of Ramadan ‘GOODness’ – 2013

Why do people perform good deeds? Well, there are actually many reasons; faith, kindness, compassion, concern…but whatever the initial reason may be, one thing is for sure, spreading GOODness around your family, friends and community just feels great!

Last year my kids and I started a concept called the ’30 Days of Ramadan GOODness’, where we performed one good deed everyday for the 30 days of Ramadan, and the response was wonderful. Not only were we able to put smiles on the faces of hundreds of people, we felt absolutely incredible doing it!

As the days of GOODness passed, we noticed something extraordinary happening; people around us were starting to do good deeds of their own. So this year we are inviting everyone to take part in the ’30 Days of Ramadan GOODness’- and you don’t have to be Muslim get involved! We’ll be visiting different communities and working with many people to spread some serious GOODness within ourselves and throughout our communities. Are you up for the challenge?

Day 1: Date jars filled with love

For the first day of Ramadan the kids wanted to do something crafty and sweet! We put together individual jars filled with yummy almond filled dates and distributed them to our family, fiends and neighbours. Eating dates is not only Sunnah, it has many health benefits as well…so for our first act of Ramadan, we are spreading some yumminess…one sweet date at a time. Image

Day 2: Inspirational Notes on car windows

Have you ever had one of those days where you just felt like everything is working against you? Between work, kids, family and everything in between, the day can sometimes leave you feeling unmotivated and down. Wouldn’t it be great to come across an inspirational idea, something that will just lift your spirits right up… that’s what Day 2 was all about. For Day 2 of spreading Ramadan GOODness, the kids and I put together inspirational notes and left them on the windows of random cars, spreading some GOOdness…one inspirational note at a time.

inpirational notes

Day 3: Providing a month of food for a family in need

You know that feeling you get when you’re really hungry, the one that makes you get up right away and walk towards the fridge to dig in…now imagine going to that fridge and realizing it is empty. There are so many people in this world that do not have access to food and water, it makes us feel so blessed for everything that we have. For ’30 Days of Ramadan GOODness’ Day 3 we have decided to provide food to a family for the entire month of Ramadan. The kids have been saving up money throughout the year, and with a little top up from us, we were able to spread some healthy GOODness…one meal at a time!

Day 4: Planting Trees

We are always trying to teach our kids the importance of respecting nature and appreciating the natural beauty that God has surrounded us with. These days we hear so much about trees being cut down and our forests being destroyed, but very little is being done about it. There are many reasons why trees are important to our existence; they clean the air, provide oxygen, are used as animal habitats, and so much more. So for our ’30 Days of Ramadan GOODness’ Day 4, we decided to team up with our family and plant some trees…spreading some green GOODness with our tiny little friends.

Day 5: Your order is on us!

If your like my family, you use the drive thru a lot (mostly for Tim Hortons, yum). Now imagine getting to the window and having them tell you to put your wallet away, your order has already been paid…how great would that be! For Day 5 of Ramadan GOODness we decided to spread some GOODness at the drive thru window. We went through the drive thrus and payed for the car behind us, then asked the associate to hand the car a card that read “Your Order Is On US!” , so much fun! Spreading some Ramadan GOODness…one drive thru at a time!

Day 6: Bringing peace to hearts with Dhikr Chains/Tasbeehs

Life can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride, with ups, downs and often…complete turn you upside loops! The one thing that I have found to always bring peace to my heart and mind, is remembering Allah and all that he has blessed me with. It is said that when someone opens their soul to their lord, he finds an increase of strength, faith and conviction. On Day 6 of spreading Ramadan GOODness, we are distributing Dhikr chains/Tasbeehs with the hopes that people will be encouraged to turn to Allah in both good times and bad. Spreading some Ramadan GOODness …by purifying hearts and souls through Dhikr!tasbeehs PicsArt_1373922958737

Day 7: Donating to a Food Bank 

Donating items to a Food Bank is quite an easy thing to do and spreads some serious GOOD at the same time. Donating items can make a difference for individuals struggling to make ends meet by helping to stock their fridges and cupboards with nutritious food…something that everyone should have access to. So for Day 7 of Ramadan GOODness, we are collecting canned food items, and asking our friends, family and neighbours to do the same. Spreading some very important GOODness to those who need it the most!

Day 8: Honouring our local Fire Department

You know those sirens that race pass you on the road, other than moving to one side, have you have stopped and wondered where they are headed? What dangerous situation they are about engage in? How many people’s lives they are about to save? For Day 8 of Ramadan GOODness, we decided to bring a yummy chocolate surprise to a group of people that are spreading some serious GOODness of their own, by saving lives and keeping our communities safe…our fearless heroes…our community firefighters!

day 8 PicsArt_1374088676730

Day 9: Helping a local flood victim; Ken Hills 

Going through the daily news stories, my sister in law came across an article about a local Mississauga community that got hit pretty hard by the recent flooding. The story focused on one man, Ken Hills, that was renting a basement apartment in the area, who was hit pretty bad. The man was unemployed, with no family when the flooding pushed him out of his home and into a tent in a neighbours backyard. The article had reached out to readers to do whatever they could to help out, food, clothes, money…anything. So for Day 9 of Ramadan GOODness we surprised Ken with bags of nutritious food, water, and some basic necessities. Spreading some GOODness to a local flood victim.

Day 10: Baked goods for our neighbours! 

My family believes strongly in not only respecting our neighbours, but also going out of our way to ensure that we have positive and friendly relationships with them. Being kind to your neighbours is more than just the morally appropriate thing to do, it also outlined clearly in most religions. So for Day 10 of Ramadan GOODness we decided to spread some yummy GOODness for our neighbours…one cupcake at a time!

Day 11: Collecting toys for the Sick Kids Hospital 

No matter how strong a person is, no one can bear to see a an ill child…it breaks the toughest of hearts. My sister in law does an annual toy drive, where she collects money and toys for children at the Sick Kids Hospital, and it has been quite successful in the past. For Day 11 of our Ramadan GOODness, we have teamed up with her and have both donated toys, as well as collected from friends and family to donate as well. We are spreading some serious GOODness with this one…to tiny little hearts that need it the most!

toydrive PicsArt_1374350352149

Day 12: Cleaning up our community

I am a strong believer that we were intended to leave this world as we entered it, however if you look around it is quite obvious that this is not the case. We live in a beautiful residential neighbourhood, lots of great people and breath-taking nature…but through time people have littered the community, taking away from its natural beauty. For Day 12 of Ramadan GOODness we are grabbing the family, a few big garbage bags and a pair gloves…we’re going to head out into the community and pick up any litter that we can see. Beautifying our world, one community at a time!

Day 13: Vending Machine Surprise! 

You know when you really need to get a drink or something to snack on, but don’t have enough change for the vending machine…it is the plastic card generation you know! Well, for Day 13 of Ramadan GOODness, we decided to surprise people at vending machines with Tooonies taped above the coin slot in little plastic bags…imagine something like that happening to you, it would definitely make me smile ear to ear! Spreading some GOODness…one refreshing drink at a time!

vending PicsArt_1374531014922

Day 14: Inspirational little gifts at your doorstep

Everybody could use a little inspiration in their lives, especially after a long day at work or running around completing errands. For Day 14 of Ramadan GOODness we decided to purchase inspirational little candle holders, wrap them up nice and pretty, and secretly leave them on the doorsteps of random houses…hoping to bring a smile to someones face and shine a little light into their lives.

candles PicsArt_1374612004640

Day 15: Visiting with Seniors!

I have always believed in the importance of learning from and respecting our seniors. Unfortunately, it seems that society has slowly started ignoring that aspect of our population…seniors homes are filled with residents that have been forgotten by their families and left alone. Today we decided to team up with our cousins and spread some GOODness in a seniors residence. We hung out with the residents and handed out roses to everyone we met, spreading some happiness to the wisest members of our community!


Day 16: Hand painted birdhouses 

We live in a community with lots of beautiful birds chirping away their merry songs all day long. For Day 16 of Ramadan GOODness, we decided to hand paint some cute little birdhouses and hang them on trees throughout the neighbourhood. There is a park down the street that was hit pretty hard by the storm two weeks ago, we decided to focus on those trees…beautifying our community park and bringing some yummy GOODness to our little feathered friends at the same time!

Day 17: Putting a smile on a commuters face

Have you ever looked around while pumping gas, everyone looks so sad, my theory; Gasoline is too expensive! But regardless of how high the prices soar, people are always going to need to fill up, surviving without a car is becoming just way too difficult. So for Day 17 of Ramadan GOODness, we decided to put a smile on a commuters face by anonymously paying for their gasoline fill. We handed the cashier a card that said this gas was on us, payed for the fill and literally ran out the door so as not to be spotted…spreading some GOODness, one commuter at a time!

gas PicsArt_1374867440793

Day 18: Some rainy day GOODness

I love the rain, listening to it while I sleep, watching it through the window, even the smell makes me happy…but one thing that I do not like, is being stuck running around it! For Day 18 of Ramadan GOODness, we drove around in the pouring rain and handed out umbrellas to pedestrians caught in the down pour. We came to the wet rescue…with some good old fashion umbrellas!


Day 19: A GOODness basket 

The passing of someone close can leave a person feeling empty and alone, with the healing process taking months or years. For Day 19 of Ramadan GOODness, we decided to put together a GOODness basket with yummy treats and healing teas for someone we know that is going through this difficult healing process. And although a basket of goodies isn’t much in comparison to the grave loss, we’re hoping that this little bit of GOODness will brighten her day!


Day 20: A surprise for the mailman

Have you ever been waiting for something to arrive in the mail? A letter from a loved one, an acceptance letter, that package you have been awaiting…it is the mailman that assures that all those important documents get to you on time. No matter the weather, our mailman has always delivered our mail on time and with an extreme amount of care. That is why, for Day 20 of Ramadan GOODness we decided to surprise our mailman with some yummy chocolates…yummy GOODness!


Day 21: Some SMILE inspiration!

I am a strong believer in the power of smiling, it not only cheers you up, but is also highly contagious…before you know it, everyone around you will be smiling too! The only problem is, people these days are walking around with so much in their minds. Balancing busy schedules, family, work and all the ups and downs that are guaranteed with life, people are forgetting to smile and be grateful for everything that they have been been blessed with. For Day 21 of Ramadan GOODness, we decided to inspire some smiles with a nice thought and hand made bracelets…hoping to spread some GOODness, one smile at a time!

Day 22: GOODness at a Women’s Shelter

For Day 22 of Ramadan GOODness, we decided to team up with our family and spread some GOODness to a Muslim Women’s Shelter. We purchased some staple items that they requested such as towels, bed sheets, and lots of toiletries. We drove down to the shelter and personally dropped off the donations…which was such a humbling experience. We were able to tour and learn about the facilities, see some of the residents and discuss in more detail what the shelter could need in assistance for the future. We were able to teach the kids about a seriously important component of our society and learn about the importance of being grateful for everything we have…spreading some GOODness and helping some wonderful women at the same time!

Day 23: Frosty cold freezies for the neighbourhood kids 

Do you remember those days when all the kids on the street used to play together? I do…hide and go seek, kick the can and jump rope used to be my favourites! These days its seems that communities are pulling a part, you could be living around people for years without actually engaging with them. Well, for Day 23 of Ramadan GOODness we decided to gather the neighbourhood’s kids, if only for a few minutes. Our neighbourhood park is always jam packed with laughing kids, running around and having a blast, especially in the summer. We surprised them all with a cooler filled yummy
cold freezies! Spreading some chilled GOODness in the summer heat.

Day 24: The Gift of Water

This day of Ramadan GOODness was a very important one. Did you know that there are over a billion people in this world that do not have access to clean water or sanitation. The worst part is that the water is available…its just not reaching the people that so desperately need it. That is why for Day 24 we decided to give someone across the world the gift of WATER. We used http://www.water.org as our donation source, we have used them in the past and they are doing some great work to help people that need it the most…spreading some GOODness, one drop at a time!

Day 25: Volunteering with Project Ramadan 

For Day 25 the kids decided to volunteer their time with a local initiative called Project Ramadan. Project Ramadan creates packages full of nutritious food and distributes it to those in need. Ever since this initiative started a couple years back, I have been mesmerized by the great work that they do. The kids had a great time helping out and were able to spend the day with their aunt as well…double the GOODness!

Day 26: Treats for our local Police Department

Today we decided to honour another one of our local community heroes…those that keep us safe and create order in this hectic world, our local Police Department. We kids surprised the officers with one our favourite treats Tim Hortons Donuts  (I know, how cliché of us). The officers were really surprised and loved the treats, they even gave the kids little souvenirs as well! Spreading some GOODness to those that keep our communities safe!

Day 27: Cheering up our local commuters 

Have you ever noticed how unhappy our city’s drivers look? Being struck in rush hour, endless red lights and inconsiderate commuters sharing the road, will definitely leave anyone with a feeling of anger or anxiety, For day 27 of Ramadan GOODness, we decided to add some inspiration for our local commuters by putting up a motivational sign at one of our busiest intersections…hoping to bring some happiness to an everyday route!

Day 28: Visiting with someone who is sick 

How horrible does it feel to be sick? You are at home, bored, possibly in pain and cut of from the beautiful summer sun…and if its an unfortunate situation with longer recovery time, every day just seems endless. For Day 28 of Ramadan GOODness, we decided to visit with someone that has just had surgery, bring her some pretty flowers and cheer her up as best we can…spreading some much needed GOODness to someones day!

Day 29: Eid cookies for the whole family 

We have a really big family, which makes Eid celebrations so much fun! In anticipation for Eid tomorrow, we have decided to bake a big (huge) batch of Eid Mubarak cookies. The process in it self spread some serious GOODness, as we brought the family together for many hours preparing, baking and decorating the cookies. We made moons, starts, lanterns and tiny little mosques to share some yummy GOODness with our extended family on this very special day…spreading some GOODness one cookie cutter at time!

After 29 days of running around spreading GOODness to our community, family and friends, it is a little sad to finally bid farewell to Ramadan. Throughout the month, our family was able to learn so much about community, social issues, and the power of making others smile…and because of this, we actually ended up learning a great deal about ourselves. I believe strongly that every GOOD deed, no matter how small, has a big impact in the universe. I pray that throughout this month, my family and I were able to touch people, if even in a little way, and spread some smiles to those that needed it the most. The whole month went by so quickly, and the kids are already thinking about exciting ideas for next year…until then, we are still challenging ourselves to  spread some serious GOODness whenever possible…are you up to the challenge?


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