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For the last couple of years, my family and I have been setting out to deliver random acts of kindness throughout the 30 days of Ramadan (we call it our 30 Days of Ramadan GOODness) for (and with) our family, friends, and local community. We have even been able to get some international participation. With all the sadness in the world and a quickly fading hope in the goodness of humanity, we have now decided to try and take our deeds one step further – trying to touch as many people as possible. Together, we have challenged ourselves to complete one act of GOODness a week (and hopefully many more in-between), some will be big and some will be small, but no matter what the deed, we hope to spread some serious smiles all around! We’re calling it “The GOODness Movement – Families inspiring, one deed at a time”.  Taking part in GOOD deeds with the entire family encourages children to be kind, allows adults to give back in a very special, yet simple way and creates a closer connection to what really matters in the world, for everyone involved.

We recently found that by sharing our deeds, we were able to encourage other families from all over to take part in spreading some GOODness, which made the impact even bigger! We are hoping to get as many families involved as possible in The GOODness Movement…is your family up to the challenge?

~ GOODness Captured ~

Warm clothes for the homeless:  

10923762_832356516809941_1459094255668644908_o It has already been an extremely cold winter, and its only just begun! For our GOODness this week we called up a homeless shelter/drop in centre and asked them what supplies they needed for this bitter cold – they asked for hats, gloves, scarves, earmuffs, warm socks… The kids head out, picked up the needed items and dropped them off at the local shelter – and they had a lot of fun doing it! Spreading some warm GOODness to those that need it the most!



H250442_833936346651958_3719948385269695529_not chocolate for our brave cross in guards:

Everyday on the way to school we see our community crossing guards freezing in the bitter cold, but still managing to put on a big smile and wave the kids off happily to school. For this week’s GOODness we surprised our community crossing guards with some yummy hot chocolate from Tim Hortons – our family favourite! Spreading some warm smiles, bright and early in the morning!



Inspiration in a Bottle:

10922600_837370239641902_5461908095169080603_nYou know those kinds of days that just make you feel down – when everything just seems to be going wrong? Wouldn’t it be nice to hear some kind words to cheer you right up? That’s why for this weeks GOODness the kids have put together something they call ‘Inspiration in a bottle’ – They have written down some of their favourite inspirational saying and placed them in bottles to leave in random places all over – people’s desks, variety stores, drive thrus…anywhere really. Check out these beautiful creations and we’ll share some of the captured locations as they are sent in.

One Response to “The GOODness Movement”

  1. 2A thinks that this is awesome! Keep up the good work and keep inspiring! This is an amazing idea and we look forward to more exciting posts!

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